Non-Revenue Water (NRW), is water that has been paid-for, produced, and placed into a distribution network, but for which no revenue is received. Common causes of NRW include:

  1. Leaks – if the water does not reach a paying customer, they cannot (normally) be billed for it.
  2. Metering inaccuracy or lack of metering – older mechanical meters tend to favor customers.
  3. Theft
  4. Authorized unbilled water usage such as for hydrant flushing,  or firefighting,

While contribution of each cause varies from utility to utility, and even from location to location within a utility’s service area, leakage is typically in first or second place.  Leaks can take many forms from the classic “watermain break”, to leaky fittings and joints, to small “pinhole” leaks and cracks through which water can seep, undetected into the ground for years.  All pipes, regardless of material, age and size can and do fail and leak.

Pipe joints, connections, and fittings, almost always leak as they age.  These leaks, although individually minute, add up.  The aggregate losses to a system from thousands of individually imperceptible leaks  can be significant.

Thankfully, ICONAC’s TAP technology can help.  By finding existing leaks and helping to identify possible future problem areas, TAP can provide the information needed for proactive NRW control.

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