What’s Beneath Your Street?

Over 2,100 watermains break each and every day, costing billions in emergency repairs and wasted water and electricity. Watermain breaks cause sinkholes, close schools and businesses and force thousands to boil their tap water.  Current technologies do not economically provide pipe condition information of the scale, scope and quality needed for proactive asset management. With over a million km of mains are near or past their original design lives, utilities can no longer afford this information gap.

Iconac's Tonal Pipe AssessmentTM (TPA) technology simplifies watermain inspection. TPA uses low-frequency sound to assess wall thickness, stiffness, leak location, tuberculation, and remaining service life without any service disruption or excavation.

TPA’s AI driven analysis engine properly implements higher order physical effects not captured by commonly used water-hammer, inverse transient and time-of-flight techniques.  This enables inspection of both flexible and rigid pipes of all standard distribution main sizes with consistent accuracy from site to site including identifying localized areas of concern within pipe segments as short as 15 meters.

With sensors much more sensitive than traditional correlators, loggers and listening sticks,  TPA uncovers leaks too small to be picked-up by standard systems. Unlike many existing systems, TPA will be capable of generating results in near-real time.   TPA's design philosophy is a unit compact and simple enough to be used by existing leak detection teams with minimal training.

Working With Plastic
Plastic pipes pose a challenge for conventional acoustic systems. Learn about TPA's ability to reliably locate leaks and provide condition information on plastic watermains and sewer force-mains.
The TPA Inspection Process
From planning, to execution, reporting and follow-up service, learn how ICONAC makes inspecting your network  safe and painless.
District Heating Solutions
TPA isn't only for watermains. Steam and hot-water pipes leak too, and we can help.

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